CRM Jewelers was founded by watch investor and connoisseur, Carlos Marcelin Jr.. In essence, CRM is the embodiment of Carlos’ vast, prior experience in the industry; an experience that began with his participation at a very early age in his father’s artisan jewelry and vintage watch business in Havana. That sole experience as a child awakened a passion and thirst for watches in Carlos that is unquenched until this very day. If you are already a client of CRM Jewelers, you’re already familiar with this passion. If you’re not, sit back and get ready for the experience that will make you a client for life.

We may be a globally recognized team but we are a family first. Meet the people behind the brand.

Mr Crm

Carlos Marcelin – (“Mr. CRM”)

Founder of CRM Jeweler and one of the partners. Father to Charlie and brother to Betty/Sandra, Dan’s brother-in-law. Carlos is flamboyant, charismatic, and sociable. Clients love him and his pictures with watches on Instagram actually perform better than pictures of watches by themselves. Carlos loves his expensive toys (cars, boats, watches, exotic sneakers, etc.) and likes the limelight, even though lately he’s been telling Dan that he wants to be a bit more low-key (Clients clamoring, “NO CARLOS, DON’T DO IT!”). Carlos is also very competitive, always has been, and, like Dan, he’s a high achiever. He’s also a bit of a tough guy, so be ready for the backlash if you try to pull one on him! Carlos is in charge of purchasing and because of him, CRM has been able to get access to some insane, high-end pieces over the years. He is also the best, face-to-face salesperson the company has and is frequently on top of the sales leaderboard.

Dan Alvarez

Dan Alvarez

Dan is an introvert that purposely thrust himself in the extrovert limelight as a business strategy. By nature, he’s analytical, observant, and has made it his life’s purpose to optimize everything under the sun (including the eternal work-in-progress CRM Jewelers). Marrying into the Marcelin family (he’s married to Carlos’ sister Sandra) has propelled Dan into a wild, never-ending adventure, with CRM Jewelers being the latest chapter. Dan detests conflict, so he naturally acts like the mediator for the company, which has quite its share of drama. With a background in engineering, finance, and marketing, Dan helps run CRM like a hedge fund, relying on the ample use of statistics (which come to life during the company’s Friday meetings) and letting numbers always speak for themselves. He has also pushed the company strongly into the cryptocurrency space, boosting the company’s sales in Bitcoin and other cryptos. Dan manages and structures the company’s new projects, collaborations, and entire marketing effort. Even though Dan is competitive and a high achiever like Carlos, his driving force is not money or material things, but improvement. Rising charts are his lifeblood and if they’re not present, Dan gets bored!


Charlie Marcelin

Charlie’s natural demeanor and friendliness makes him a crowd favorite with the clients. Charlie likes people all the time and loves educating anyone he comes across, including customers. Even though he has left the company in the past due to emotional/life decisions, he came back in 2020 with a bang! He fields most of the sales calls for the company and is also responsible for creating a good part of the client-interaction content for the CRM Life YouTube episodes. Charlie also has a strong desire to make the company and CRM brand grow, so he frequently shares great ideas with Dan to make things better. His only problem is that he tends to get distracted and needs to be constantly reminded to stay structured. Charlie genuinely means well, but sometimes he’s a little misunderstood, especially by his aunt Betty and dad Carlos, who are a bit hard on him when he messes up.


Betty Marcelin

Betty is a good-hearted person that can be amazingly caring, but she does have buttons! When they are pressed, she transforms into a feisty, emotionally charged, 4 foot 11 nightmare! It’s difficult to fathom how much intensity can fit into such a small package! When she butts heads with Carlos, the explosion puts 10-megaton ICBMs to shame. On psycho mode, Betty’s mere stare can even repel the most ruthless enemy, but when she’s being her normal, adorable self, she has a long line of suitors knocking at her door (sorry gents, even though, she’s single and a lot more fit than ever, she’s no longer single). Betty handles accounting for CRM, but has an insatiable desire to babysit the company’s “imperfect” sales team. 

Sandra Marcelin

Sandra is Dan’s wife and Carlos and Betty’s sister. She’s the middle sibling (Carlos being the youngest and Betty the oldest of the three) and a lot more level headed than the other siblings. She’s also very sociable and due to her decades of experience in the corporate world, brings a lot of structure and helpful ideas to CRM. Consequently, she was given the responsibility to spearhead the company’s e-commerce project. She also teams up with Charlie to source watches and also helps Dan with some of the conflict mediation!

Raysa Yi – (“Ms. CRM”)

Like Sandra, Raysa was one of the last members to join the CRM team. She is the better half of Mr. CRM himself. It’s almost as if Carlos was waiting for the right time to unleash his “secret weapon” on the grey market. Raysa is focused on sales and also helps Sandra with some e-commerce tasks. She has been a hit with clients from the get-go, because of her calm demeanor, friendliness and willingness to go out of her way to help customers as much as possible. Her personal watch page has also become pretty popular due to her engaging videos and pictures.

Jenny Marcelin

Jenny Marcelin

Jenny is Betty’s only daughter and one of CRM Jeweler’s first sales reps. She started doing remote sales for the company a few years ago when her daughter was born. Prior to that, she sold from the store and learned a great deal about watches. Jenny mainly communicates with the team through the company’s WhatsApp chat or through the phone. Jenny has an outgoing personality, but also inherited a bit of the genetic feistiness from her mom. If pushed against the wall, she can get a bit sentimental at times. She has a Bachelor’s in Biology and a Master’s Degree in the biomedical field, but didn’t pursue a career in the medical industry. Instead, she became a regular in the CRM sales jungle.

Adrian Sena

Adrian Sena

Adrian is an extremely talented artist that recently graduated from the School of Arts a few blocks from CRM and handles the company’s video production and editing. He has been with the company since 2020, but had worked 3-4 years prior on a handful of CRM videos, before he was hired full time. During his first 18 months with CRM, Adrian’s great editing skill and creativity took the company’s reality episodes and viral process videos on YouTube to another level. Adrian is a bit of a romantic. He is quiet and sometimes gets aggravated by the other loud Cuban characters in the CRM team (which is pretty much everyone). He works closely with Dan on the company’s video content.

Erne Menendez

Erne is the company barber…among other things. He’s a close friend of Carlos and was his barber for quite some time pre-CRM. Because he was so trustworthy, Carlos gave Erne the opportunity to come work for the company. He learned how to polish certain watches over the years and performs that function now for CRM, as well as handling shipping, fulfillment, runs, etc. (while staying true to his roots. Yes, he still cuts Dan and Carlos’ hair). Erne is very mellow and friendly, but extremely loyal, so you better not insult any CRM members in front of him! He is also a bit of a jester, taking every opportunity to make fun of anyone that walks through the door wearing funny attire or looking a little off. His one or two liners will throw even the bravest knight under the bus!

Willy Arritola

Willy, our 6ft-7-in security guard (and ex-Cuban volleyball player), is an interesting story. When he joined the company in 2020, his sole responsibility was to protect the store and staff. From the get-go, he noticed that CRM’s salespeople would get a bit lazy from time to time and fail to answer direct messages on Instagram in a timely fashion, so he asked Carlos for the opportunity to answer the messages and follow up with clients whenever possible. The rest is history. Due to Willy’s initiative and perseverance, he has more than 5Xed his security guard’s salary with sales commissions and has amassed a client contact list in the thousands! His story is a perfect example of how desire, not ability, is the key to success in any field. Behind an intimidating facade, is a soft spoken, respectful human being that never ceases to express his gratitude to Dan and Carlos for the opportunity he has been given.

Amed Fuentes

Carlos met Amed as a busboy at a local bar he typically goes to. He liked the way Amed worked and carried himself, so he decided to give him the opportunity to work for CRM. After joining the CRM team, Amed started running errands, making deliveries, supporting the sales team, and doing anything else the company needed. Amed is very quiet, but is a very good team player that is willing to do anything that the company needs…Oh, and he also likes to take every opportunity to flex his biceps during CRM’s team photoshoots.

Natalie Regalado

Natalie is the newest addition to the CRM team. She was hired as a social media manager for both Instagram and TikTok. Despite all the Cuban chaos within the company, Natalie has been able to keep a level head and excel at the creation and distribution of engaging short-form video for the firm. Like Jenny, Natalie has a degree in Biology and has been adopted as CRM’s youngest daughter.


CRM Jewelers will become the globally recognized provider of luxury watches and jewelry at affordable prices; the company that loyal customers will continue to turn to for all their high-end jewelry needs.


Where we see CRM Jewelers as a firm… What we are doing and will continue to do to get there… To realize our vision, we will go out of our way to provide our clients with the most value possible for their investment. To achieve our goal, we will educate and encourage our clients to think like investors when purchasing a luxury watch. Regardless of what the rest of the industry is doing, we will always be honest and transparent with our clients, so that they become customers for life.

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