Day-Date II

In 2008, one year before Rolex introduced the 41mm Datejust II, the company launched the 41mm Day-Date II, a much larger and more contemporary version of their most prestigious model, the Day-Date. The trend towards bigger, more prominent watch models had begun decades earlier – so despite the clamoring of many traditional Rolex fans, the release of the Day-Date II was only a natural, evolutionary step for the company. The majestic Day-Date II is only available in the most precious of metals, 950 platinum and 18k gold (white, yellow, and rose). It also comes with Rolex's most esteemed band, the president bracelet. The bezel variations are fluted, smooth and gem-set. Customers can also choose a series of dial colors and textures based on their preference. For international clients who desire it, the day-of-the-week display is also available in multiple languages (in addition to English).