The Rolex Explorer II is the successor to the classic Explorer model that was launched back in 1953. That year, the watch was field tested by mountaineers who conquered Mt. Everest that same year, thus leading to the “Explorer” name. After Rolex proved that the watch could weather the elements, the Explorer quickly became a sought after timepiece by the adventure minded. In 1971 Rolex launched the Explorer II model that featured new upgrades, such as: crown guards, a fixed 24-hour bezel, and a unique orange 24-hour hand that is used to distinguish AM from PM (day & night). The new model also showcased an improved movement and a slimmer sapphire crystal. It also borrowed the “jump-hour” feature from the Rolex GMT. This Explorer II watch is truly an evolution in function and style that goes well with any occasion. Simple and elegant are the best words to describe it.