Why should I buy a watch from CRM Jewelers?

Exceptional Value. When customers buy luxury watches at a large, retail store and try to sell or trade them later on, they are in for a surprise. Many times, they’ll receive less than 50% of what they paid. That is not the case at CRM Jewelers and is a principal reason why our motto is, “Make your next watch purchase an investment.” When a client buys a high end watch from us, they will never pay retail price. Even though as a business we need to make money, we pass on most of the substantial savings we enjoy as a dealer to our customers. The attractive price a customer receives not only allows them to enjoy the quality timepiece they desire, but also to protect their investment from future depreciation in value. Furthermore, we stand committed to purchase all our products back from our customers at a fair price in the future. This is a service that’s extremely valuable for customers who want to either upgrade to a different model or sell their watches in the future.

Quality and Expertise. The CRM Jewelers guarantee is our promise to deliver the best quality for your high end watch or jewelry purchase and make sure you are totally satisfied with your complete shopping experience. Clients who are interested in our luxury products expect quality and excellence. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we aim to exceed those expectations and earn our customers’ trust for life.

Established Jewelry Store in Downtown Miami. In addition to our commitment to provide our customers with exceptional value, quality and expertise, we are also a real, brick and mortar business. Our jewelry store is located in Downtown Miami, Florida at the International Jewelry Center. Please visit our contact and about sections to see our address, map to our store, and take virtual tour of our office. You can also verify our company with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations

Where can I see your inventory of watches?

Since we are very active on social media, we recommend that you visit and follow the CRM Jewelers Instagram page for a real time display of our latest watches and inventory. You can install Instagram for free on your iPhone or Android device and add crmjewelers to your Follow list.

If you cannot install Instagram or prefer to use other social media pages, you could follow us on Google+ or Facebook as well. There you will also see our inventory of luxury watches and other products.

Another possibility to see our watch inventory is to pay us a visit. Our watch shop is located at the International Jewelry Center in the heart of Downtown Miami. Please visit our contact section for our exact address and ways to get in touch with us.

We are also in the process of adding a product gallery to our website for clients to see a wider selection of brands and models they might be interested in.

I am interested to buy one of your watches. How do I do it?

Once you decide to buy a particular watch you see on our website or social media pages, please let us know and we will send you an invoice to complete your order.

You have several payment options available to complete your purchase, including wire transfer, cash (in-store purchases only), PayPal and credit card payment. Even though we normally cover the cost of shipping and insurance for out-of-state and international orders, certain methods of payments (such as PayPal) will incur additional fees. All of these fees will be disclosed to you before you place your order.

Domestic (USA) shipments usually arrive the next day and international deliveries are normally completed in one to two days, depending on the country and the time their Customs department takes to release the package (something out of our control).

What kind of warranty do you offer?

All of our pre-owned watches are inspected by a certified watchmaker, polished, and overhauled (when necessary) to ensure that our customers are getting the highest quality and value possible. CRM Jewelers offers a one-year warranty on all our watches (both new and pre-owned). This includes the watch’s internal mechanism (not wear and tear or customer inflicted damage to the watch). Warranty does not apply to customized watches or jewelry.

What is your return/cancellation policy?

One year warranty on mechanisms limited to maintenance issues only. Problems due to improper manipulation of crown or buttons while changing settings will not be covered.

Merchandise will not be shipped unless paid in full AND CLEAR (NOT ON PENDING STATE).

Custom jewelry is not refundable. If you are not 100% Satisfied with purchase, you can return merchandise within 24 hours of purchase to get a full refund or exchange. Customers will be responsible for excess shipping cost if the package is not received as in agreement.

Do you ship my watch insured and how am I protected?

CRM Jewelers can ship watches and other luxury goods secured and insured to many countries around the world.

If your country is on our list of insured countries and the value of the watch you buy is less than the maximum insured amount for that particular country, then we can ship it to you insured (click here) for a list of insured countries and maximum insurance limits).

If the country is not on the aforementioned list or the value of your purchase exceeds the maximum insured amount, then the shipment would pose too much of a financial risk to you. If that is the case, you are much better off having the watch either shipped to someone you trust who lives in an insured country and can deliver it later to you or picked up by a trusted friend or close relative at our Downtown Miami store.

Our watches are picked up on a daily basis and delivered to FedEx by an armed security company for greater protection.

What is the cost of shipping?

The cost of shipping varies and depends on the value of the shipment and the shipping destination. We cover the cost of shipping under most circumstances (certain exceptions may apply).

Do you ship to my country?

To protect our customers, we prefer to ship our watches and other luxury goods secured and insured. Shipments are collected and delivered to FedEx (for both domestic and international shipments) or UPS (only for domestic shipments). Consequently, it is important that international customers make sure of three things:

That their country is on our list of insured countries (see the list by clicking here);

That the maximum insurance coverage (column “Max Coverage (in USD) on the list above) exceeds the value of the watch they are buying; and

That they are familiar with Customs duties and taxes (if any) in their country.

Placing an order from a country with a very low insurance limit is not recommended and would have to be

undertaken at the customer’s own risk.

Does the watch come with a box?

Since we sell our watches at a deep discount to retail, our mark up is limited. Most customers are also looking for the best price possible on their luxury watch purchases. As a result, they do not want to spend additional money on boxes, since boxes present an additional cost. For example, the standard Rolex box (see picture below) costs $170 extra and the extra large box is $370.


Do watches come with papers?

Some watches do, but some don’t. The reason why some watches don’t come with papers is illustrated with an easy example. The warranty card (a.k.a., “papers”) for Rolex watches contain the prior owner’s contact information. There are many watch owners that do not want to disclose their personal information when they sell their watches. For that reason, they do not surrender the card upon the sale. If we purchase the watch from a seller in that situation, we cannot fabricate the card or provide another one in its place. Consequently, we can only resell the watch without a card card if the seller chooses to keep the card. Nevertheless, the watch will always have CRM Jewelers guarantee and quality assurance.

Which is the best brand of watches for me to buy?

Most customers that come to our watch store in Miami to buy a luxury timepiece have their own unique tastes and preferences; they normally arrive with their hearts set on a particular watch brand and model. That means that no matter the watch we recommend, they are likely to buy something else. Nevertheless, we always try to recommend a watch that retains its value over time.

Remember our motto? “Make your next watch purchase an investment.” That means that we just don’t try to sell a high end watch to a customer for the sake of doing so. Instead, we always try to make sure that, after taking a customer’s budget into consideration, the buyer is getting exceptional value. For that reason, our opinion is that most customers are better off purchasing a Rolex brand of watch. If purchased at the right price (instead of at the retail price that most jewelry stores offer), a customer who takes care of their Rolex can rest assured that their investment will maintain its value over time or even appreciate in price.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but ours is that Rolex is the luxury watch brand that will give a very good bang for your buck over the years – and did we also mention that they also look kick $#Z%?.

Where can I find the serial number and model number of the Rolex I’m buying?

There are two numbers associated with a Rolex watch, the serial number and the case reference number (or model number).

The serial number on a modern Rolex can be found on two different places, engraved on the case between the lugs at the 6 O’clock position and, starting around 2005, engraved on the inside edge of the case, also at the at the 6 O’clock position, under the crystal and below the bezel.

The model or reference number is located opposite to the serial number, engraved on the case at the 12 O’clock position (between the lugs). To see the model number, you will need to release the watch’s bracelet where the model is located.

Please see the image below:

Since we mainly deal with more modern luxury watch models, we have provided below a list of Rolex serial numbers according to their production dates (from 1987 until the present day):


Rolex Table


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The watch brands and trademarks are the property of their respective holders. CRM Jewelers is not and “authorized” dealer of the watches we sell and has no affiliation with the respective manufacturers. All items are covered by CRM Jeweler’s guarantee, which applies even though some items may not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Website prices may not reflect current changes in market prices for certain watch models, which can impact (increase or decrease) the final price at the time of purchase.

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