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Initially introduced in 1992, the Yacht-Master is one of the young guns of the Rolex brand. Only the Sky-Dweller enjoys an earlier release (back in 2012). The Yacht-Master is to yachting as the Submariner is to diving, one to enjoy the ocean waves and the other to explore its depths. As a result, the Yacht-Master's is designed with waterproof rating is only 100 meters, while the Sub can go three times deeper (300m). Since its initial 18k yellow gold release, the Yacht-Master has seen a few different variations, including the steel-platinum-blend “Rolesium” version introduced at Baselworld in1999 and the gold-steel “Rolesor” in 2005. The modern Yacht-Master comes in stainless steel and is equipped with a bidirectional rotatable bezel in either platinum or gold, graduated to 60 minutes to allow the wearer to calculate sailing times with ease. The watch comes in either 40mm for men or 35mm for women.

The Rolex Yacht-Master is inspired by sailing. It was inspired by marine exploration and the brand's seafaring roots. Rolex's lengthy history of making timepieces for extreme wearers inevitably extended to seafarers, creating the Yacht-Master. The Rolex Yacht-Master bezel is unusual. The Yacht-Master has a bidirectional rotating bezel, unlike the Submariner. The platinum 60-minute graduated bezel adds luxury to the timepiece. Raised numbers and polished bezel finish improve legibility and refinement. The Rolex Yacht-Master's Oysterflex bracelet combined metal's durability with rubber's comfort. This unique elastomer bracelet has metal blades within it for stability and wrist contouring. It fits securely and resists environmental factors, making it suitable for naval activities. Its traditional, sporty shape and precious metal variations make it suited for many events. The Yacht-Master effortlessly combines formal and athletic casual outfits.