Luxury Sponsorships

Become a CRM Luxury sponsor and get your brand prominently featured in our social media content.

"YouTube is the #2 search engine on the planet and the largest video search engine with 2 billion active monthly users."

"With 1 billion monthly active users, more than 100 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram daily."

Sponsorship Levels

Even though we can customize each campaign based on a client's budget and desired level of exposure, sponsorships can be categorized in three basic ways (see below).

  • YouTube Sponsor - Your brand is featured in sponsored segments of our YouTube videos or in full videos about your products and services.
  • Instagram Sponsor - Your brand is featured on our Instagram posts, stories, IGTV videos, etc.
  • Full Sponsor - Content from both our YouTube channel and Instagram page is used to promote your brand.

YouTube Sponsor

When you become a sponsor for CRM Luxury’s YouTube video content, there are two ways for you to get exposure for your brand: sponsored segments and full video integrations.

Sponsored Segments

A sponsored segment is a short 12 to 30 second clip in the intro of the video that describes your company's products and services. In fact, it is the easiest and most cost effective way for you to advertise on YouTube.

To make the segment flow more naturally with the actual video, we will voice over either an HD video clip you provide or record a new clip demonstrating your product or service in front of the camera. A link to your desired website, landing page, etc. will be added at the beginning of the video description as well.

Click on the video below to see an actual example of a sponsored segment at the beginning of one of our YouTube videos.

Full Video Integrations

A full integration consists of the production and release of an entire video about your brand. It can be as basic as our sit-down review of your actual products or as involved as an interview of your team, tour of your facilities, etc.

Given the additional amount of time and effort that's required in recording, editing and producing a full integration video, it is considerably more expensive than a sponsored segment (see above). However, the additional exposure you will get and the increased brand awareness you will build with a full integration is well worth the additional expense.

For most brands, the ideal solution will normally consist of a combination of sponsored segments and full integrations over a desired period of time. Click on the video below to see an example of an actual full integration video:

Instagram Sponsor

Instagram can be an very effective medium to promote a brand using photos and short videos. Our company has spent over 6 years testing and perfecting different viral techniques on Instagram to maximize exposure to specific products and services. If appropriate, we can do the same thing for your brand, especially if your offering can be blended in naturally with luxury visuals (high end watches, exotic cars, etc.). Our Instagram page has over 300,000 followers, which include clients and fans from more than 170 countries.

Some of the promotional techniques that can be used to feature your company on our Instagram page are as follows:

  • Instagram Posts - Posting viral pictures on Instagram is not only a great way to increase exposure to your brand, but it can also be an effective way to boost sales for your company's line of products. These posts can include an active tag to your brand's Instagram page in order to boost your follower growth and increase your social clout (a necessity in today's ultra-competitive online business world).
  • Instagram Swipe-Up Story - We can post stories on our Instagram page with the swipe-up feature activated. This means that we can send our users directly to your desired landing page, which can be your website, new product pages, a lead capture form, etc. Unlike posts, stories can be use in much greater quantities without risking any penalty ("shadowban") from Instagram. This makes them an important weapon in any full-service social media advertising campaign.
  • Instagram Giveaway - Giveaways and sweepstakes can deliver a shot of adrenaline to your social media follower base. A giveaway includes a certain number of posts spread out over a given period of time (e.g., 10 posts in 30 days) where we ask our followers to follow your Instagram page and tag a minimum number of friends on each post. At the end of the giveaway, we utilize select one or more winners randomly from all the participants. When you run a giveaway through us, we make suggestions regarding the prizes that you should use and also provide your participants with the necessary terms and conditions required to join the giveaway.
  • Instagram TV (IGTV) - IGTV is Instagram's attempt at competing with YouTube. Unlike on YouTube, the average video on IGTV is vertical (portrait) instead of horizontal (landscape) or widescreen, but it can also be used in landscape format at a lower cost if we can repurpose our promotional YouTube for your company. IGTV can be an effective way for us to create more in-depth or longer videos about your brand, which can be seen by hundreds of thousands of followers.
  • Instagram Reels - Reels are Instagram's weapon to fight the ultra-popular TikTok. These videos are shorter (up to 30 seconds, but usually less than 20) and designed to deliver a quick punch. The aspect ratio for reels is 9:16 or portrait. Reels can show up on Instagram's Explorer page (where even non-followers can see them) and they can also be published along with regular posts, for additional exposure and reach.

The Perfect Candidate

Any company that is looking for additional brand exposure and a greater number of followers on social media can benefit from our sponsorship programs. However, we put together the list below to highlight which businesses or industries might especially benefit from our line of work:

  • Luxury - If your business is luxury related, you can reap huge benefits from our sponsorship programs. Being experts at creating viral luxury content, we can blend your company's products and services naturally into our photos and videos. It's an almost subliminal way of way of disseminating your brand to the world in a setting that is powerfully effective. Some of the industries that may fit in this category are: exotic cars or supercars, luxury homes, private jets, fine cigars, luxury travel, luxury watches and accessories, etc.
  • Investments and Real Estate - We're a luxury business, which means that many of our clients are high net worth or affluent. These clients are typically familiar with investing in both traditional and alternative asset classes, as well as working with investment advisers or professionals that guide them in these important areas areas.
  • South Florida Businesses - Our luxury business is located in the heart of Downtown Miami, so if your company is in South Florida (or even Broward or Palm Beach Country), it makes it much easier for us to schedule photo shoots or video recordings, meet and collaborate with your team, etc. Even if your organization is not in luxury, investments or real estate, it might still make sense for you to tap into our large database of South Florida followers through our popular social media channels.

A La Carte Sponsorships

Even though we have described our most commonly used services in the sections above, there's really no limit to how much we can do for your company in terms of viral marketing and promotional work.

It all depends on your needs as a client and budget. A La Carte Sponsorships are when you need us to get more involved with your organization sound deliberately cliche-ish, really down and dirty!

Whether you need us to create and jump start your Instagram page for maximum effectiveness or run your entire YouTube channel on an ongoing basis, we can help you. We can even train your marketing and social media team using our proprietary techniques and strategies if you really want to take this to a higher level.

It's all possible. We're flexible. It all depends on your desire and vision, as well as the level of funds that you would like to commit to something as powerful as this.