Watch Customization

Watch customization

Let’s face it. Not all customers are happy with factory made watches. Some have their own unique tastes and preferences, so they want customization.

One of the services CRM Jewelers provides is customizing jewelry based on the desires of our customers. Do you like a specific brand of Rolex watch, but prefer a little more bling bling? We got you covered.

When it comes to custom watches, our areas of specialization include providing custom bezels, dials and bands for clients that just like it a little different. We can design a custom diamond bezel for your particular watch model and even include a higher or lower quality of diamonds based on your preference.

CRM Jewelers can help you create or install any diamond bezel for any watch. Want to customize the bezel, but don’t know exactly how? We can show you existing bezels to see if there’s one you like. Want to create your own unique bezel from scratch instead? We’ll help you through the entire process, including choosing the stones and quality, the type of metal, and design.

See the picture above of a Rolex Datejust II customized with a diamond bezel, band, and dial from our store.

Here is an example of some existing customized diamond bezels for Rolex models.

Watch customization

The channel set diamond bezel above (A) is for the Rolex Air King 34mm, is made out of white alloy/steel and contains 1 carat in diamonds. Custom Bezel B is for the Date Just and consists of 2.00 Ct of channel set baguette diamonds. The yellow gold bezel (C) is a 3.00-carat sports model with perpendicular bars for the Rolex Yacht-master.

Bezels can be customized for any watch model of your choice.