Watch Polishing

Watch Polishing

Due to everyday use, a high end watch tends to lose its like-new luster and shine over time. Scratches and scuff marks will also develop on the case and band.

The correct re-polishing of the watch can restore it to that same look it had when it was first purchased. To attain such a result, the polishing should be carried out only by a certified watchmaker with great skill and experience.

The process itself is a tedious one, and most watch owners do not know the amount of work it involves. Not only must the movement of the watch be removed from the case itself, but the band must also be taken apart, link by link, screw by screw, to make sure that the work is properly done.

It takes our certified watchmaker at least 3 hours to complete the polishing of a Rolex.

Watch Polishing before and after

The image on this page demonstrates a before and after picture of a pre-owned Rolex Air King 34mm watch with a salmon dial. It shows the unpolished Rolex on the left and the finished product on the right, after the re-polishing process. Notice the huge difference in shine and luster.

All of our pre-owned models are polished to ensure our customers are receiving the best value possible for their money. If you own a luxury model and would like to have it re-polished correctly, please give us a call.