Cuban Link App

Cuban Link App

The Cuban Link Selfie app allows you to take a selfie wearing a Miami style Cuban Link chain. The application also has a calculator that lets you customize a chain based on your preferences, then see the weight associated with it. It also let's you request pricing. Click the button below to visit the App Store or Google Play Store and download it now (to use the web version of the calculator, click here).

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Selfie Functionality

Cuban Link App

The selfie portion of the Cuban Link app is very easy to use. After you select the option to take a selfie from the home screen (leftmost image above), you can choose three preset chain styles: Slick Jim, The Player, and Big Baller (middle image). These styles will give you a better idea of the size of chain you should be after. What is a good size? Many customers ask us that question. Our three preset Selfie sizes were chosen specifically based on our taste and recommendations to customers that have purchased chains from us before.

Slick Jim Chain

The Slick Jim is a 28-inch long chain that's 8 mm wide. Even though it is the smallest chain in our Selfie lineup, there's nothing "Slim" about Slick Jim. In fact, you can think of it as a smaller, big chain (if that makes any sense!). The fact is that when you buy a Cuban Link chain, you normally want to make a statement. Slick Jim allows you to make that statement, but in a more "discreet" and "elegant" way. The weight of the Slim Jim in 14k gold is a decent 165 grams (approximately). When buying a Cuban link chain for the first time, most people will be OK with a Slim Jim. In fact, it is our minimum recommendation if you still want to be noticed by your competitive brethren! In the video above, we recommend 28 inches as the typical go-to chain length for men.

The Player Chain

The Player chain definitely makes a statement! At 30-inches long and 15 millimeter wide, the chain is almost twice as thick as the "Slick Jim." The larger dimensions, put a 14-karat Player chain at about 410 grams, so it's going to feel a lot heavier than Slick Jim around your neck.

Big Baller Chain

This Big baller is as BIG as Cubans are loud! There's no, "Let me hide my chain in my shirt, so that people don't think poorly of me," here. When you go for the Big Baller, it's because the page with "discreet" on it was ripped out of your unabridged lifestyle dictionary and set ablaze in a testosterone-filled, bonfire celebration. If you have weak traps, the Baller will definitely get them protruding before the end of the week. How big is the Big Baller Cuban? A whopping 32 inches long and 33 millimeters thick! That's a lot of gold! In fact, it puts the weight of the chain at almost 1.5 kilograms if you use 14k gold to make it and over 1.7 Kilos at 18k gold. A 1.5 Kilo Miami Cuban Link chain will definitely put you on the map, maybe not as close to the celebrity status of Jay Z, but definitely in the limelight! Whether you want to go normal, big, or baller when it comes to gold chains, we suggest that you first take selfies using all three styles above to make sure that the size you have in mind actually does you justice! You can also save the resulting selfie image to your phone and share it with your friends on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks (see rightmost image with Watch Jenny above).

Cuban Link Calculator

Cuban Link App

Even though the preset dimensions of the Cuban Link chains used in the selfie functionality cover a good portion of the size spectrum, there are clients that may want to vary things a bit. That's the main reason the calculator was added to the application. It allows you to specify the dimensions of the chain that you want and then see the weight associated with it in grams (g) and pennyweight (DWT) [one pennyweight is equal to approximately 1.55517384 grams]. The chains in the calculator go from the very thin (7 mm) to wider varieties. The calculator also covers a wide range of lengths, from 20 to 40 inches. In addition, you can choose the color of the gold associated with your desired chain (rose, yellow or white) as well as the purity (10k, 14k or 18k). Once you select your desired chain dimensions, simply enter your email address and request the price for that particular chain. We will send you an email with a very accurate approximation of what the Cuban Link chain would cost based on the current price of gold and labor. The resulting weights programmed into the app are based on our approved manufacturing process, which has a strict adherence to quality control and impeccable craftsmanship. IMPORTANT NOTE: The market price of gold fluctuates constantly (see our main Cuban Link section for a historical price study). As a result, the final price of your chain will likely be different if you do not make your purchase right away.