Classic Fusion

Ever since Hublot was started back in 1980 by Italian born Carlo Crocco, the brand has shared his vision of creating unique timepieces that break the traditional mold in terms of materials and design. This is where the word "Fusion" in the Classic Fusion name comes from. It refers to the blending of different elements together. You could say that this avant-garde approach has proven to be a successful formula for the Swiss watch maker. The Hublot Classic Fusion line is characterized by its more subtly created dial designs, which offer the wearer a more elegant and simple look compared to the more aggressive Big Bang models of the company. The Classic Fusion also takes advantage of the synthesis of many elements in its creation, such as rose gold, stainless steel, rubber, titanium, ceramics, crocodile leather and even exquisite diamonds. This is what makes the Hublot Classic Fusion a unique contender in the luxury watch game.