King Power

The Hublot King Power line is the latest addition to the Hublot family of luxury watches. Launched in 2009, these timepieces are equipped with complex, multi-layer dials and are more robust than those of the Big Bangs. The King Power bezels are designed with a completely newer, more prominent look, and the rubber straps also enjoy a new design. In a nutshell, these watches are made to stand out in the crowd! Even though the conspicuous 48mm King Power watches were created to be bolder than their Big Bang cousins, they still use a fusion or combination of exotic materials, such as black ceramic plates on the case, rubber and titanium on the bezel and crown/chrono pushers, PVD-coated titanium on the screws, carbon fiber on the dial, and even 18k rose gold and diamonds on some models. Overall, the attention to detail, craftsmanship, and uniquely robust look of the King Power make it a great addition to any high end portfolio.