Considered by some as the perfect first Patek due to its lower price, the Aquanaut is still an iconic watch worthy of the Patek Philippe name. Launched in 1997 in 38mm and 36mm sizes, the watch borrowed design cues from the higher-end Nautilus, but was meant for casual wear. One of its unique features is that it is fitted with a rubber strap. Sometimes called a "tropical" strap, it was inspired by the vintage "tropic" straps that were used in the 60s and 70s. The strap also features a trademark double-folding clasp with the elegant Calatrava cross. The internal 324SC movement is what brings this watch to life. It is composed of 213 parts, 6 bridges, and 29 jewels and provides a 45 hour power reserve. The watch is so comfortable to wear, that sometimes you will not even know it's there. The Patek Philippe Aquanaut is a perfect blend of sport and luxury, combining the elegant nature of Patek Philippe with an active lifestyle look.