Datejust II

Since the 60s, luxury watches for men have become larger and larger. Since the turn of the century, even women have gravitated toward larger timepieces that were originally designed for men. To appeal to classic watch fans who think a 36mm watch is just too puny for their wrist, in 2009 Rolex introduced the Datejust II – basically as a 41mm upgrade to the Datejust model (which only goes up to 36mm in size). Despite the new release, many men still feel that the 36mm size is the perfect size for a men's dress watch. For those, the Datejust might be a better option. However, if you want a high end timepiece that wears more prominently on your wrist, the “newer age” Rolex Datejust II might be more appropriate for your taste. In essence, the Datejust II can be considered a higher end, more prominent upgrade to the more classic Datejust model, but one that typically makes for a more traditional formal wear than the Submariner.